Nani~Wan Luxe was developed by three sisters. The oldest was adopted at birth, and we were reunited later in life, but it seems like our souls have always been together.

We started this company to honor our fathers who died of cancer. They suffered through toxic treatments and braved death with little comfort. We wish so much that we could have rubbed our therapeutic creams on their hands to relieve their suffering. If they could have sank into a bath with a Nani~Wan Luxe bath bomb, at least they would have felt peace for one evening.

Our dad, Kenny, loved music. His favorite band had a hit song called Naniwan, which was derived from a traditional Chinese song. We created our company to honor him and all of the others who have suffered through sickness. Our mission is to alleviate that suffering.

Nanniwan - A Traditional Chinese Song

Flowers in a basket are fragrant / Listen to me sing a little / Sing for a little / Come to Nanniwan / Nanniwan is a nice place/ Nice place / Nice place and beautiful scenery / Nice place and beautiful scenery / Crops everywhere / Cattle and sheep all around

Rose, Kim, and Amy

Our Dad

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